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Community Relations

Community relation is a new initiative that the company uses to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationship with the communities in which it operates in other to render good services, enhance efficiency and promote profitability to the company.


Community Relations department was formally setup in June 2014, with the following objectives:

  • Develop mutual beneficial relationship between the company and rural/sub urban communities.
  • Control and reduce to the barest minimum, community disruptions of work activities and operations
  • Implement new ideas and tactics to meet changing business needs and to work cross functionally with the communities.
  • Anchor/Mobilize community members and leaders for Town Hall or other meetings necessary to build relationship or resolve issues with the company.
  • Help to drive awareness that will target on improvement of our service delivery in the communities
  • Work underground to reduce/prevent community protest.


  • Town hall meeting. Town hall meeting was used both for sensitization and a protest prevention.
  • Visit/engagement of key opinion leaders. This was intended to reduce staff molestation and protest and in resolving other community face-off.
  • Identification and engagement of Feeder champions, for quick fault reporting, and monitoring community related activities.
  • Introduction of Community Social Responsibility (CSR) for good corporate image and gain community cooperation such as Distribution of energy saving bulbs, and medical kits, scholarship.
  • Use of bulk metering cum individual billing: Manage hostile communities and control their consumption irrespective of their advantageous position in the network.
  • Issue base Agreements. At the final stage of resolutions, heads of agreements are documented and signed by both parties to guide future relationship.



  • Provide information on job to be executed in communities/interactions before executing them,
  • Provide information on key stake holders in the community
  • Provide information on actions of community before it escalate to disruption of Business activities.
  • Information must be truthful and correct.


  • Maintained/developed customer friendly attitude to prevent aggravating customer to the point of disruption of business activities.

Our Vision Statement

To be the leading electricity provider enabling sustainable economic and technological growth and add value to all the stakeholders

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For over 47 years, the Constify family has been building relationships and projects that last. We build safe environments and eco-friendly solutions in the communities in which we work. Most importantly, we build strong relationships that allow us to build anything, anywhere. No matter the job, we go beyond building.