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  • What is KCT?

The key change token (KCT) is a group of 2 sets of numbers (usually 20 each) that are loaded into a prepaid meter when it is not accepting electricity tokens in cases when there is a change in tariff or platform.

  • What is CIU?

 CIU (Customer Interface Unit) is a keypad that will display the meters parameters automatically or through Push mode. It is located at consumer premises and is wired from a meter.

  • What is tariff?

The amount of money framed by the supplier for the supply of electrical energy to various types of consumers in known as an electricity tariff.

  • Why am I unable to load my meter, its showing reject?

The meter requires new KCT to enable you load the token

  • Why does my meter show EEE when I try to load?

The token is on a different tariff and it requires KCT

  • Why is my meter showing a spanner sign?

This means that your prepaid meter requires a clear tamper code to reset it to default mode

  • How do I check the tariff on my meter?

It depends on your meter make. Refer to the Short Code Table

  • How long does it take to generate KCT/clear tamper?

It takes 24hrs

  • Would I always need KCT before I can vend?

Not always, however, if there is a change in meter tariff. It will require a new KCT.

  • What causes my meter to go into tamper mode?

The meter terminal is not positioned well, an attempt in meter bypass can still result if the meter is smart and has a fluctuating power supply.

  • Why does the KCT generated not work?

The right tariff was not used in applying for it.

  • How to load KCT/clear tamper?

 KCT is 40 digit code. Divide it into two load /keys in the first 20 and the second 20 digits then load your token

  • I bought a token and it didn’t enter my meter, why?

The meter requires new KCT or there is no supply on your current supply phase.

  • After loading my token, it just blinked and didn’t show anything why?

 It could be that you mistyped the wrong token digit or the keypad is not paired to the meter

  • I successfully loaded my token, but no light in my apartment, what could be the cause?

Your prepaid meter has entered tamper mode and requires clear tamper to activate back.

ATARIS (E.G 0132…..)05 
COLOG (E.G 041…., 042….#006##030#
MOJEC (E.G 541……, 01011…., 01012……)82,34,32,36,802030
WELLSUN (E.G 0137….)117116
HOLLEY (E.G 25700…)06030
HEXING (E.G 142….)809805
QUANTUM/GENUS (E.G 2710…..)#006#