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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Policy

Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) is committed to the health and safety of all employees, contractors and visitors in our facilities. All employees will be provided the required PPE when they are hired, and instructed on its proper use and care. Employees are responsible for keeping PPE in good working condition and notifying their supervisor if any PPE no longer meets safe standards.

To achieve this objective:

  • Selected personal protective equipment must be in line with National Legislation/Standards and other appropriate intemational standards;
  • Management shall provide personnel with appropriate uniform and personal protective equipment for
    each task, activity and area at no cost to the personnel after having carried out a risk assessment;
  • Empbyee shall sign for all uniform and personal protective equipment received except for those that are disposable;
  • Heads of Department shall be responsible for enforcing the use of the appropriate personal protective equipment;
  • Contractors and visitors must conform to our Personal Protective Equipment Policy in areas of our facilities where it is required. They shall be provided with adequate information and direction to ensure their safety;
  • Every employee shall be responsible for the use of appropriate personal protective equipment;
  • Management shall replace uniforms and other personal protective equipment at specified frequency;
  • Any employee found violating the use of appropriate uniform and personal protective equipment will face disciplinary action;
  • The structure and responsibilities for the implementation of this policy shall be available for reference by all employees as required;
  • Personal Protective Equipment shall be audited periodically for compliance

The implementation of this policy shall be monitored and reviewed as necessary by Company HSE Manager to ensure its relevance and effectiveness.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to Provide Reliable and Safe Electricity in the most Cost Effective Way possible

Let Me Introduce

BEDC Health Safety & Environment (HSE)

For over 47 years, the Constify family has been building relationships and projects that last. We build safe environments and eco-friendly solutions in the communities in which we work. Most importantly, we build strong relationships that allow us to build anything, anywhere. No matter the job, we go beyond building.

The implementation of this policy shall be monitored and reviewed as necessary by Company HSE Manager to ensure its relevance and effectiveness.

  • Comply with applicable national and international environmental and social management regulations as relates to environmental sustainability, labour and working conditions as well as Community, health safety and security;
  • Reduce fossil-fuel use, water consumption and waste generation;
  • Create technically credible and positive environmental, social and economic benefits for the communities where we do business;
  • Develop a program to raise employee awareness of environmental issues and promote responsible behavior, thereby helping employees to positively impact the environment in their work lives;
  • Incorporate sustainable design into new projects, as well as during operations and maintenance of our assets to improve our overall efficiency and environmental performance;
  • Incorporate environmental and social sustainabilily principles as an integral part of our procurement process and ensure contractors and suppliers also comply;
  • Track, measure and decrease our overall resource use in line with global best practices;
  • Continuously engage relevant stakeholders in areas where we do business

Management will be responsible for providing leadership in the implementation of this policy and maintain a work environment that values and ensures these practices and principles are seen as a responsibility of all employees and relevant stakeholders.